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How to view transaction data?

1.Open a Blockchain Explorer:
Open the chosen blockchain explorer website in your web browser. Common blockchain explorers include Etherscan (for Ethereum), Binance Explorer (for Binance Smart Chain), and others.
2.Search for the Transaction:
On the blockchain explorer’s homepage or search bar, enter the transaction hash (transaction ID) you want to find or your wallet address. Some blockchain explorers also offer advanced search options, allowing you to filter transactions by date range or other criteria.
3.View Transaction Details:
After clicking the search or find button, you will see detailed information related to the transaction.
  • – This information typically includes transaction status (successful or failed), timestamp, block height, sender’s address, recipient’s address, and transaction amount.
4.View Transaction History:
Blockchain explorers often provide an option to view all transaction history associated with a specific wallet address.
  • – Navigate to the relevant page, enter your wallet address, and then click search.
  • – You will see all the transaction history for that address, including sent and received transactions, along with their respective statuses and details.