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Empowering Real-world Transactions, WSPN and KUN Team Up to Pioneer Stablecoin Applications in Web3

Mar 6, 2024 – – WSPN, a prominent global digital payments company, is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with KUN, a leading enterprise Web3 payment service provider. This partnership shall mark an alignment in robust stablecoin applications, industry-leading Web3 payment solutions and the establishment of a comprehensive global digital payment network. WSPN’s flagship USD-pegged stablecoin, the Worldwide USD (“WUSD”), will be integrated into the KUN payment service system, providing users with a more convenient and efficient payment experience.

As Web3 technology rapidly advances, the digital payment sector is witnessing unprecedented development opportunities. In this strategic collaboration, WSPN and KUN are at the forefront of scene integration, system interconnection and ecological sharing. These ground-breaking initiatives extend to the commercial application(s) of robust stablecoins and to deliver robust industry-level Web3 payment transaction solutions tailored for large-scale enterprise clients, ensuring reliability and innovation. This collaboration helps vertical industries enhance scene interoperability, support global cross-border businesses in reducing intermediaries, cutting associated costs, accelerate transaction speeds, and improve payment convenience and security. The overarching goal of this partnership is to bring down payment barriers and facilitate a smooth transition for industries into the transformative realm of Web3.

“The strategic partnership between WSPN and KUN marks a pivotal moment at the crossroads of the Web2 and Web3 epochs,” says Raymond Yuan, Founder and CEO of WSPN. He further adds: “Our collaboration with KUN will center around the implementation of cutting-edge Web3 payment technology in real-world business scenarios. Together, we aim to pioneer a new era of digital payment networks, fostering innovation and propelling advancements in the payment sector.”

Dr. Louis Liu, Founder and CEO of KUN also remarked: “As an industry-focused enterprise-level Web3 payment service provider, KUN has a diverse clientele in numerous sectors such as cross-border e-commerce, B2B trade, digital entertainment, and trade-in services. We believe that the application of Web3 technology and stablecoins to empower Web2 scenarios will be the new wave of the Web3 era. Through this partnership with WSPN, we will delve into industry-level solutions, addressing the pain points and challenges that exist in real-world payment scenarios.”